Our Word of Thanks!

We are what we are because of people who are or have been a part of our life.

Creative Dezine Solutions is thankful to all the below people (family, friends, clients & associates) who have played an important role in our professional and personal life.

Arup: Whatever little I know and have achieved in design field, is because of Arup. He taught me the ‘d’ of design. Thanks Arup and I owe this to you!

Abhijit Roy (owner of Aapna Infotech): One of the first few people who associated with us when we started. Also gave his advise and suggestions from time to time. Thanks Abhijit for everything, and anything, anytime for you!

Nand Kishor: The PHP Expert. A friend and another one of the first few people who associated with us when we started. One of the best PHP developers I have come across. Thanks Nand, anything, anytime for you!

Late Rahul Anand (owner of Interactiveye.com): A great designer and illustrator. We worked together for a very short period of time but know that our friendship and association will be for a lifetime. I’ll see you on the other side buddy!

Dhruv Gupta (owner of Masterji Kee Haveli): Person with expertise in building businesses from scratch, he helped, advised and guided us during the setup and registration process. Thanks Dhruv and we wish you all the luck and success in life!

Alison Roth (CEO of ShrinkWrap): A very genuine and hard working lady, Alison Roth unites both sides of her brain in the course of a given work week; employing the intuitive right side as a psychotherapist while utilizing her logical left side as the founder and CEO of ShrinkWrap. Alison has very selflessly introduced me to her clients and given me full freedom to work for them without charging any commission. I wish her all the happiness and continued success in life! Thanks Alison:)

Sanjeev Singh Rawat (Owner of Sanrachana): A very good friend and always ready to help, Sanjeev is one of the best HTML developers I have come across. His knowledge about responsive coding and clean HTML development is excellent. Thanks Sanjeev for all your help and support!